Prisoner Ft. Dua Lipa Video | Miley Cyrus

Prisoner Ft. Dua Lipa Video | Miley Cyrus

A week before Miley Cyrus presents us with her seventh album, ‘Plastic Hearts’, she treats us to a raunchy hook-up with Dua Lipa on ‘Prisoners’. Both ladies have been busy of late, Miley with Stevie Nicks on ‘Midnight Sky’ and Dua Lipa with Angele, amongst others, but here it’s most definitely the Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa show.

Miley Cyrus continues with her current obsession of retro Rock n Roll as she once again seems to be reliving scenes from The Runaways film or just out and out wanting to be Joan Jet. With her ripped fishnet tights, smudged lipstick, leather pants and attitudinal posturing she’s certainly no wallflower but I think we all knew that.

Miley, almost, borrows the Rocky Horror lips throughout the video, substituting them with her own version as she’s seen singing over the images projected below. When she picks up with Dua Lipa the pair are seen driving their ’70’s RV recklessly through the streets towards Uptown Manhattan desperate to get to a gig. 

The RV come tour bus provides the ideal space for the none stop party to continue on as they travel towards their final destination. By now Miley, in white cropped top, black bra and chunky silver jewellery is soaked in fake blood and pumped up to perform.

As the journey comes to an end so must the party. Miley and Dua, who have dueted throughout and come ever nearer, but never actually, kissing, step off the vehicle to take to the stage and whip the crowd up into a frenzy. It’s an intense performance from the pair of them, but especially fierce from Cyrus as she goes all out to be the wild child she wants to be.

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