Quavo Drops Almost $250,000 on Custom Diamond Grillz

Quavo Drops Almost $250,000 on Custom Diamond Grillz


‘Handsome And Wealthy’

With $250k Grillz!!!

12/15/2018 12:30 AM PST


Quavo is giving himself an early Christmas present that’s taking a huge bite out of his bank account … because he just dropped an insane amount of dough on some new chompers. 

We’re told the Migos rapper spent nearly $250,000 on a new set of grillz, and he got them hand-delivered just in time to show them off this weekend at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles. 

Quavo enlisted celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang for the pricey project, and Johnny tells us it’s the most expensive pair of grillz he’s ever made!!!

Here’s what a quarter million dollars gets ya … 125 flawless baguette cut diamonds — 17.5-carats each — settled in 18-karat white gold with an invisible diamond set. Johnny says the grillz took 6 months to make, an eternity by his standards, because he had to specially cut each diamond to fit each tooth. 

Quavo got his new ice tray Friday, with Johnny flying from Houston to L.A. for the special delivery. That’s the kinda customer service $250k gets ya. 

Johnny killed two birds with one (diamond) stone because he also delivered this grill to Post Malone.

Good luck to anyone getting Quavo a Christmas gift … it’s gonna be hard to top his new bling. 

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