R. Kelly Ate Well During Weekend in Jail

R. Kelly Ate Well During Weekend in Jail

R. Kelly

Got the Full Buffet

During Weekend Lockup


R. Kelly‘s got a full plate of problems right now — but at least he also had a full plate of decent grub while he was in the hokey waiting to be released on bond. 

The singer got sprung from jail Monday after his lawyers posted the necessary $100k he had to cough up to fulfill his $1 million bond. The question on everyone’s mind since he turned himself in on Friday though … what the hell did Kels eat behind bars???

We now have the answer based on the Cook County Jail’s monthly menu, which TMZ has obtained. We gotta say … it sounds like he ate pretty well this past weekend

Here’s what R. Kelly was fed on Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


B — Breakfast square, bread, jelly, margarine, drink mix (whatever that is), applesauce

L — Cured turkey, bread, egg (just one???), chips, cookie, mustard, drink mix

D — Meatballs, teriyaki sauce, fluffy rice, carrots, bread, margarine, pudding and milk


B — Breakfast square, bread, jelly, ginger snap, peanut butter, drink mix

L — Turkey salami, bread, cereal, cookie and salad

D — House fried rice, mixed veggies, bread, margarine, iced cake and milk

Not exactly the “Chocolate Factory” or anything, but hey … at least it’s still hot and fresh out the kitchen. Too soon???

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