Releases ‘Love Song of the Year’ – ‘Holla Holla’

Releases ‘Love Song of the Year’ – ‘Holla Holla’

New Music is a division of New Media Communication

05/Apr/2017 Mumbai, India: As the world transforms through a digital-age, people, relationships and cultures are fast-blending across geographies. In one of its kind, soothing love and music song, embracing global friendship, feelings, touch and romance, New Music releases its maiden ‘Love song of the Year’ – ‘Holla Holla’.

Holla Holla

Holla Holla

Listen to the ‘Love Song of the Year’ here –

Debut singer, artist Badi Melo feat. Myster, produced by New Music, a division of New Media Communication and Freeboii Clique has made a remarkable victory by oscillating in love from thousands of music lovers across the globe. Positive, rejuvenating and relaxing – ‘Holla Holla’ has captivated large audiences online since its recent release online.

Speaking on the occasion, Satya Swaroop, Managing Director, New Music (a division of New Media Communication) says, “We are extremely excited with the wave Holla Holla has created amongst the music lovers. New Music aims to build and offer a platform for the global young talent to be nurtured for continued success. Through our New Music, we believe in igniting more love and peace, feelings and respect, wisdom and courage for the mankind today.”

With forward looking plans to release more albums in the year, New Music is bullish about penetrating the industry with quality and soothing music for the ears.

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