Remember To Forget (Acoustic) Video | Passenger

Remember To Forget (Acoustic) Video | Passenger

From his latest five track EP of the same name Passenger releases the lead track, ‘Remember To Forget’, in an acoustic video. With one album under his belt already this year, July’s ‘Patchwork’, Passenger has not been slow in bringing forth more new material. This December release serves as prequel to his next album, ‘Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted’, out on January 8th 2021. 

The EP version of ‘Remember To Forget’ is a full blown arrangement containing many Country influences and a percussive back drop. The acoustic video version is far more stripped back, not anywhere near as animated, and a lot better for it. On the acoustic, solo video Passenger makes the song his own without the distraction of added horns or elaborate slide guitar. His distinctive and emotive vocals are still the main driver of each take but on his latest interpretation he makes the song more personal and more intimate. 

Sitting on a stool in a deserted bar Passenger sings his song with only the fruit machine and some optics for company. The dimly lit surroundings suit the nature of the track as Passenger tells it as he sees it. “I’m an over thinker, a day dreamer, a heavy drinker, an in-betweener, propping up the bar like it’s gonna fall down”. 

Passenger is telling his story to someone who he has only just met but with whom he obviously feels a connection, asking her for help to get him through the night. It’s a very well versed, lyrically built track that gently lets it’s story of sadness unfold before you. 

It’s curious that he’s decided to release this version less than two weeks after the original release on December 11th but it is by far the better one. 

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