River Video | Trevor Jackson

River Video | Trevor Jackson

Trevor Jackson dropped off his Christmas present on Christmas Day in the form of a cover of the Joni Mitchell classic, ‘River’. The song. originally from Joni’s iconic 1971 album ‘Blue’ has been covered by numerous artists over the years and is regarded by many as one of her finest songs. 

Jackson’s interpretation of the Joni Mitchell song is very sympathetic to the original and if nothing else will hopefully bring a whole new audience to the work of it’s original creator. Trevor Jackson is a man of many talents and is clearly not afraid to take things in a different direction once and a while. The actor, dancer, rapper and latterly singer-songwriter does not want to be confined or pigeon holed it would appear. 

‘River’ is a gentle song, a song that requires empathy, understanding and tenderness and Jackson seems to have captured all of those emotions both in the song and on the accompanying video. Which ever way you look at it though, ‘River’ is a bold choice for Jackson, it’s a song written by a woman from woman’s prospective (although Jackson has altered the gender in the lyrics) and it’s a song about wanting to escape. Does he, or is ‘River’ just a random choice that defies explanation? Which ever it is Trevor Jackson has done a great job in covering an iconic song.

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