Sacrifice Video | Bebe Rexha

Sacrifice Video | Bebe Rexha

After releasing various versions of her single ‘Baby, I’m Jealous’ through 2020, Bebe Rexha has opened her 2021 account with a new track and video called, ‘Sacrifice’. The American singer-songwriter has been very excited about launching her new release as she said she’d always wanted to do a dance track like this. 

Perez Hilton couldn’t get enough of the new Bebe Rexha song, tweeting, “@BebeRexha has just revamped her image AND her sound! ‘Sacrifice’ is way more dance than anything she’s released before! And the music video is SEXY!!!!! This is my new gay anthem!!!”

Rexha’s latest single is indeed anthemic. The high energy dance floor filler is an up-beat Disco infused banger that maintains it’s hugely infectious hook throughout. Bebe’s layered vocal sits above the drum machine beat as vocoder enhanced backing vocals skip in and out to accompany her. 

Bebe Rexha was probably hoping for a slightly smoother run up to the launch of her latest single as she took to Instagram live on the previous day. Talking to her fans, as she often does, Rexha was “honestly disgusted. And shook” as she was flashed by a male user of the platform. She went onto say, “I thought it was a joke. I can’t believe that guy was serious. I am so sorry that happened. I’m so angry.” Bebe quickly shut her chat down and urged fans to find the man’s profile so that he could be removed.

The unforeseen circumstances Rexha experienced ahead of the release of ‘Sacrifice’ did not detract from it’s reception once the track dropped together with it’s bloody video. Bebe is the sexiest vampire you’ve seen in an age as she and her crew head for the blood bank looking for nourishment. The pleather clad singer enjoys a host of blood shots before being drenched in her favourite tipple by the sprinklers above the dance floor. (If Sophie Ellis-Bextor hadn’t coined it before, you could have said it’s murder on the dance floor!)

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