Slow Video | Kylie Minogue

Slow Video | Kylie Minogue

Ahead of the global live stream of her show on December 31st Kylie Minogue has released a video for the song, ‘Slow’. The chilled out disco soaked tune that samples Donna Summer’s ‘Love To Love You Baby’ is curiously not plucked from her ‘Disco’ album that she put out earlier this year. 

‘Slow’ is actually a song lifted from Kylie’s 2003 album ‘Body Language’ but for her ‘Infinite Disco’ show the track has had a slight, but extremely effective, make-over to move it from an upbeat electro-pop track into a silky smooth, slowed down and smokin’ floor filler. The addition of strings and a 70’s Shaft like funkiness is inspired, it’s made a good track great. 

In the video Kylie Minogue shines and shimmers as she delivers the sexier interpretation of the song dressed in her gold lame jump suit on the multi-coloured disco floor. The World wide live stream is sure to be a big hit with her fans when it airs on New Years Eve as unfortunately Kylie, along with most other artists, has not been to do any live, audience attended shows this year. This is the second of her ‘Infinite Disco’ shows having already performed one on 7th November.  

Hopefully her latest live show will round off a very successful year for Kylie and at the same time bring a lot of pleasure to her adoring fans. 

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