Sober Video | Demi Lovato

Sober Video | Demi Lovato

Fans are choking up over Demi Lovato‘s latest single ‘Sober’, where she confesses that she has recently broken her sobriety after celebrating six years of being drug and alcohol free in March. 

The new lyric video for the song intertwines happy clips of the star with unsettling imagery of heavy partying and even an ambulance. The track sees Demi very unambiguously tell her family, friends and fans that she’s sorry that she’s not sober anymore, lamenting her feelings of loneliness as the reason she fell off the wagon after six years of sobriety.

‘Sober’ is her first single of the year and follows last year’s ‘Échame la Culpa’ which she recorded with Luis Fonsi. Both are expected to be released on a forthcoming studio album as the follow-up to her album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ from 2017. 

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