Staind Frontman Aaron Lewis Goes Off on Heckler During Show

Staind Frontman Aaron Lewis Goes Off on Heckler During Show

Aaron Lewis

Goes Off On Heckler …

Get This ‘Bald Motherf*cker’ Outta Here!!!

12/17/2018 10:56 AM PST


There’s always that one person shouting out song requests at concerts, but one heckler took it too far and totally PISSED OFF Aaron Lewis … so the singer started lighting up the guy and hitting him where it hurts. 

We’ve obtained video of the Staind frontman going off on a “f*cking rude” guest during his solo set Sunday night at 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis … and it’s a pretty wild scene. You see Aaron onstage, dropping tons of f-bombs and telling the crowd to give the “bald motherf*cker” a taste of his own medicine. 

Aaron’s performing his solo country set on The Sinner Tour, and we’re told the heckler kept interrupting songs by yelling out names of other tracks. As you can see, Aaron had enough and went nuclear after the 3rd interruption.

It’s kinda funny … after wailing on the dude for being a “f*cking piece of sh*t,” Aaron tells the guy he’d like to see him get up in front of the crowd and sing one of those jams he so desperately wanted to hear.

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