Still Don’t Know My Name Video | Labrinth

Still Don’t Know My Name Video | Labrinth

Labrinth is back with his second release in as many months as he offers up his latest single, ‘Still Don’t Know My Name’. The thirty something London rapper and producer had been relatively quite of late until last months single ‘No Ordinary’ dropped. 

Making up for his lack of output this year Labrinth (Timothy Lee McKenzie to his family) has now taken a song from his award winning ‘Euphoria’ soundtrack album. The music that scored the critically acclaimed, multi-award winning HBO series, that premiered last year, now gives rise to Labrinth’s own visual interpretation of the song on his latest video. 

It’s a dark and brooding song that gives rise to similarly caught images of the main characters from the show. It’s more of a reflective ballad than any rap you might have come to associate with Labrinth. It captures the teen angst of the show to a tee though using every cinematic trick in the book to help it marry up to the story line. Long synth keys, extended echoing notes, layered vocals and staccato edges.

Labrinth’s deep, soulful vocal is very well suited to this type of arrangement, harking back to 2014’s ‘Jealous’. Here though there’s more of a considered, measured performance that sits well with the filmatic theme. You can hear the sadness in Labrinth’s vocal as he laments, “You still don’t know my name”. He’s hurting and you know it, even without seeing the accompanying video. 

It has been confirmed, quite recently, that season two of Euphoria will happen. Rue, Nate, Kat, Maddy and Lexi should all be returning, the question is, will Labrinth?

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