Surrender Video | Birdy |

Surrender Video | Birdy |

Birdy releases her second single of 2021, ‘Surrender’, ahead of her long awaited fourth full length studio album ‘Young Heart’. The singer-songwriter, from the New Forest coastal town of Lymington, released plenty of singles last year but has not had an album out since 2016’s ‘Beautiful Lies’.

Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde, aka Birdy, is getting quite excited about the upcoming release of her new album and has said, “I’m so proud of this album, my last record was a lot more theatrical – there was a lot going on, it was a big production. Whereas this is quite stripped back – anything that didn’t need to be there, isn’t. There’s no decoration. This album just feels very personal – I’ve grown up a lot over the past five years and have experienced new things that have shaped my understanding of the world, but also of who I am as an artist. This album means a lot to me – I want to protect it.”

Taking to twitter Birdy wrote, “It’s been a long journey bringing this album to life, it’s definitely my favourite so far and every part of my little soul has gone into making it! My new album ‘Y O U N G  H E A R T’ will be out on 30th April!!!”   

Birdy’s first single of the year saw her join Mr Rain on ‘Non c’è più musica’ (No More Music) for a song sung both in Italian and English but ‘Surrender’, Birdy’s latest single, is a solo track that showcases her individual creativity to a tee. The video for the song is “Filmed and directed by the one and only (Grammy award winning) Sophie Muller, on the beautiful shores of St Leonard’s, Hope you love it as much as I do. ‘Surrender’, the official video is now yours” she said.

With Birdy’s new album still three months away there’s every probability that ‘Surrender’ will become the first of a string of tracks lifted from her new album, for now we’ll enjoy the tenderness of her latest love song.  

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