SZA Falls Hard Down Some Stairs, But She’s Okay

SZA Falls Hard Down Some Stairs, But She’s Okay


Goes Tumbling Down All the Stairs

3/1/2019 7:12 AM PST

SZA needs to be way more careful when she’s scoping out a new pad … because you never know when an open door to a down staircase will appear.

The singer and her friend, Sage, were in their new house getting some video for their Instagram stories when SZA — clearly unfamiliar with the lay of the land — takes a nasty fall.

Check it out … her friend’s recording when SZA squats down, apparently thinking she’s still got a wall behind her and leans back too far into the abyss.

It looks pretty bad, but Sage — despite screaming in horror — keeps filming and we see SZA at the bottom of the steps … and she says she’s fine.

Probably not the best way to get settled into a new home, but a memorable way … as long as she didn’t hit her head too hard.

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