T.I. Adds Burberry to List of Fashion Brands to Boycott

T.I. Adds Burberry to List of Fashion Brands to Boycott


Adds Burberry to Boycott List …

These Aren’t Coincidences

2/20/2019 7:31 AM PST

T.I.‘s gonna be rocking nothing but tighty-whities soon — and not high-end ones — because he’s adding Burberry to his fashion boycott list in response to its noose hoodie fiasco.

Tip ripped the brand Tuesday, just as he did Gucci and Prada last week, and dismissed Burberry’s apology for the controversial design — a new hoodie with drawstrings tied into a noose. His words for Burberry were sharp … “These aren’t coincidences” … clearly referring to the other fashion house blunders. 

The backlash against Burberry started Tuesday after a model pointed out that the company made her wear the controversial sweater on a runway despite her objections. It wasn’t until she went public, that Burberry issued its full mea culpa. 

Not good enough for T.I., whose boycott list is now at 4 — Gucci, Prada, Moncler and Burberry — for their use of racist imagery.

He’s also called out his longtime nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, with a diss track over his continued, and some would say brazen, support for Gucci.

Remember, Floyd bragged to our photog about dropping a bundle at Gucci, and refused to bow to any boycott.

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