The Game Couldn’t Attend Game 2, I’m Still Banned from Canada!

The Game Couldn’t Attend Game 2, I’m Still Banned from Canada!

The Game

I’m Still Banned In Canada

… Can’t Attend NBA Finals In Toronto

6/3/2019 6:29 AM PDT


The Game is a huge NBA fan — but he had to watch Game 2 of the NBA Finals from a bar in Los Angeles because he tells TMZ Sports he’s still banned from entering Canada!!!

The rapper was breaking down the Warriors win over the Raptors — which took place at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto — when he told us about his issue. 

“I can’t even get into Canada,” The Game said … “I can’t even go to the game!”

When asked why,” Game smiled and said, “Because I’m a gangster.”

He is sorta … back in 2011, The Game was detained at the Canadian border and ultimately deported because of his affiliation with the Bloods. 

According to Game, that ban still stands — which sucks for the rapper who says he LOVES our neighbors to the north and would have loved to have been in the arena with the likes of two of his favorite people … Drake and Barack Obama

Don’t feel too bad for Game, he’s still living like a BOSS in L.A. — where he got the VIP treatment at the Peppermint Club to watch the game. 

Oh, and despite being a big Kawhi Leonard fan (he’s also from L.A.), Game has a reality check for the Raptors — saying there’s just no way Toronto’s bringing the Larry O’Brien back over the border. 

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