The O’Jays Troll President Trump, Offer a Song He Can Use at Rallies

The O’Jays Troll President Trump, Offer a Song He Can Use at Rallies

The O’Jays to Prez Trump

For the Love of RiRi …

Here’s a Song You Can Use at Rallies!!

11/6/2018 10:12 AM PST


The O’Jays are reaching out to President Trump — perhaps repairing their fractured relationship — and giving him permission to use ONE of their songs at his rallies. Yes, it’s a total troll.

We got Eddie Levert and Walter Williams — OG members of the soul group — out in NYC and asked what they made of Rihanna ripping into Trump for playing “Don’t Stop the Music” at a recent rally. She later sent him a cease and desist letter.

Eddie and Walter get RiRi’s outrage … having already fired off their own warnings to Trump in 2016 for using “For the Love of Money” — the old ‘Apprentice’ theme — during his campaign. They did the same for their hit, “Love Train,” and you gotta hear them describe what he wanted to do with it! 

That’s all water under the bridge, though, because Ed and Walt tell us they’re willing to let him crank up their newest track, “Above the Law,” whenever he wants … even during his rousing rallies.

If he only heard the title, we suspect POTUS might be all in for using the song. However, we’re guaranteeing he’ll pass … IF he listens to the lyrics or watches the music video.

Hint: It’s not exactly 45-friendly.

Trump and The O’Jays — they’ve come a loooong way since “The Apprentice.” 

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