Therefore I Am Video | Billie Eilish

Therefore I Am Video | Billie Eilish

It’s not everyday that you hear today’s pop stars reference sixteenth century French philosophers, but then again Billie Eilish is not your average pop star. Just as Rene Descartes was back in his day, Billie is a game changer, an influencer and a creator extraordinaire. ‘Therefore I am’, Billie’s latest single release, and her third of 2020, is right up there with her very best. 

The succinct banger has a playful beat, a humorous sensibility and a mischievous video to accompany it. Billie sounds like she’s having fun on the recording and that carries over into the video where Eilish is seen running amok around an empty shopping mall. As she skips between floors Billie bags herself some tasty treats along the way in the, not so healthy, form of fries, soda, donuts and a huge pretzel! 

Billie’s signature green neon green hair dye is still in play but she’s also sporting some rather dangerous looking talons to go with her shorts and cardy combo. The petty thieving, of the video, is all brought to a close when the security guard catches up to her and shouts, “Hey get outta here”, prompting Eilish to leg it into the carpark.

‘Therefore I am’ is a perfect piece of alt-pop. Billie’s vocal is irresistible, flipping from smoky and seductive to amused and jokey. “You think you are a man, I think therefore I am” Eilish sings, as she affirms her independence, “I’m not your friend, or anything, damn”. 

The production and arrangement is seemingly relaxed but so precise, so acute and so incredibly in tune with the song. The combination of Billie’s vocal, the minimal, but very effective, instrumentation and the quality of the song writing all combine to deliver up one of the best pop songs of the year. 

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