Travis Scott Wants to Stay Clear of Jordyn Woods Scandal

Travis Scott Wants to Stay Clear of Jordyn Woods Scandal

Travis Scott

Here’s How Far I Have to Travel …

To Stay Clear of Jordyn Woods Scandal

2/28/2019 12:40 AM PST


Travis Scott is as far away from the Jordyn Woods scandal as he can be without leaving the United States … and we’re told he couldn’t be happier.

Our Travis/Kylie sources say the rapper, who’s currently in Buffalo for his Astroworld tour, does not want to be caught in the quicksand of controversy that in many ways revolves around his baby mama. 

We’re told it’s like a powder keg back home, where Kylie’s sisters have declared war on Tristan Thompson and have been hammering Kylie to break all ties for good. Kylie’s on board for now, but everyone believes she’s torn because of her incredibly strong bond with Jordyn.  

Short story … home ain’t a peaceful place to be these days, and Travis, who’s always tried to avoid controversy, is happily 2,500 miles away.

That said, our sources say Travis has been fully supportive of Kylie and has been lending an ear whenever she needs it. But, the way he sees it … he doesn’t have a dog in the fight and he’ll go along with whatever Kylie wants.  

BTW … Travis has spent a lot of time with Jordyn since he and Kylie got together nearly 2 years ago.  Nevertheless, it’s her friend and he’s just going along for the ride. 

For now … Jordyn has been blackballed from the Kardashians. They cut all future business ties with her, and she’s persona non grata at Kylie’s home, where she had been living in the guesthouse.

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