Treat Myself Video | Victoria Justice

Treat Myself Video | Victoria Justice

Damn it, Janet has gone and done it again with the release of only her second solo single, ‘Treat Myself’. Victoria Justice, aka Janet Weiss, better known for her television work than her solo musical career, pops up with an unexpected surprise pre-Christmas release. 

The singing star, predominantly known for her roles in Nickelodeon’s ‘Zoey 101’ and the hugely successful ‘Victorious’, as well as MTV’s ‘Eye Candy’ and 2016’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ dips her toes back into mainstream music with the release of ‘Treat Myself’. It’s been a while since Victoria Justice played the part of Tori Vega alongside Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) but maybe she’s beginning to release she too could have her moment in the spotlight where the focus is solely on her. 

Victoria’s latest single is a great vehicle for her distinctive, soulful and rangy vocal. It’s a far cry from ‘Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me’ and is more considered than her previous solo releases from 2013, ‘Gold’ and ‘Shake’. The 2020 Justice is all grown up, sultry and sensual.

Victoria’s vocal has a more soulful sound to it on her new single and the arrangement is far more contemporary than her previous musical output. This is a reframed Victoria Justice with a swagger and a poise befitting a huge pop star in the making. Originally planned as an E.P release, ‘Treat Myself’, is a message to self that’s delivered with conviction, “I need to treat myself better, I really can be so unkind, I know that I deserve better, If only you could hear what goes on in my mind, I wouldn’t say the things I do to anybody else”. 

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