Waiting On A War Video | Foo Fighters

Waiting On A War Video | Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters follow up their previous two singles, ‘Shame Shame’ and ‘No Son Of Mine’ (A song Dave Grohl has subsequently said is an homage to Motorhead frontman Lemmy), with their latest, ‘Waiting On A War’. The new track is the third single to be lifted from the forthcoming Foo Fighters album, ‘Medicine At Midnight’, due out on 5th February.

With the release of the Foo Fighters tenth studio album just around the corner, Grohl having recently celebrated his 52nd birthday and with the Foo’s having performed at the ‘Celebrating America’, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Inaugural Special event, 2021 is already shaping up to be quite a year for Dave and his band.

There has been a lot of anticipation regarding the Foo Fighters latest album and Dave Grohl himself has confessed to being slightly nervous has to how the new record and new material will be received. ‘Shame Shame’ was certainly something of a surprise to many fans as it was a lot mellower than you might expect from the Foo Fighters. ‘No Son Of Mine’ was a raucous return to the norm, although Dave Grohl has said that the song originally started with “this country swing to it”, but that they “decided for something a bit more aggressive, and it turned into these chunky riffs”.

‘Waiting On A War’ starts off gently enough with Dave singing over an acoustic guitar. The percussion is introduced as the song builds with Grohl singing “Everyday waiting for the sky to fall, Big crash on a world that’s so small”. At about the mid-way point of the song the balance shifts to a slightly heavier, more highly charged arrangement, almost as if you’re waiting for the song to explode. The explosion arrives in the final, full throttle, unbridled minute as Foo Fighters go all out to deliver a super-charged dose of Heavy Rock as only they can.

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