We’re Good Video | Dua Lipa

We’re Good Video | Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has released ‘We’re Good’, her latest single and video lifted from her enhanced album, ‘Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)’. The extended version of ‘Future Nostalgia’, her album that dropped in March last year, is Dua Lipa’s latest interpretation of the record that has also seen a ‘DJ Mix’ with ‘Club Future Nostalgia’ being released last August. 

Dua Lipa’s new single is one that was not originally included on the first, thirteen track, album but is included on her new nineteen track record and has been released simultaneously with it. ‘We’re Good’ accompanies two more new singles that appear on the ‘Moonlight Edition’, ‘Not My Problem (feat. JID)’ and ‘If It Ain’t Me’, and marks Dua Lipa’s first releases of 2021.

The video to accompany the song is a classy affair, evoking memories of Kate and Leo as Dua Lipa sings before the seated dinner guests about to choose their lobster. Lipa’s break up song is visualised beautifully in the video with Dua wearing a stunning combination of 20’s inspired sleeveless evening dress with elbow length white gloves, an emerald green, cap shouldered, dropped waist dress or an equally exquisite sequined halter neck. 

As Dua Lipa sings of breaking up her relationship, and going her separate way, the cinematic story unfolds before you with the red ribboned lobsters making their way to the kitchen until one of the lucky crustaceans gets a lucky break. The filmatic climax comes as the ship starts to sink with tables and chairs sliding down the room before the waves crash in through the doors. I’m sure James Cameron will be delighted with the homage to his 1997 flick, Dua Lipa certainly has the makings of a movie star that’s for sure.

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