Why Jeff Goldblum Recreated His Shirtless Jurassic Park Scene

Why Jeff Goldblum Recreated His Shirtless Jurassic Park Scene

Jeff Goldblum just rewarded fans with an epic recreation of one of the star’s most iconic photos. 

On Friday, Oct. 9, Jeff took to Instagram to reveal that he had once again gone shirtless to recreate Dr. Ian Malcolm’s famous Jurassic Park pose. This time, the actor rocks a grey mane—but other than that, Jeff looks nearly the same as he did in the 1993 movie! 

The pic was in collaboration with HeadCount, a non-profit organization that promotes participation in democracy in the United States. 

“WOW! Thank you to everyone who used my @HeadCount page to make sure that you’re #GoodToVote! Nearly 3,000 of you are ready for this November’s election,” Jeff wrote in the Instagram caption. “Here’s your reward…how time flies.”

The original pic may be decades old now, but Dr. Ian Malcolm is still helping keep dinosaurs at bay. He appeared, albeit briefly, in 2018’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and will return for Jurassic World: Dominion, a film which just had its release date pushed to 2022

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