Young Thug Has Felony Warrant Out for His Arrest

Young Thug Has Felony Warrant Out for His Arrest

Young Thug

Felony Arrest Warrant Issued

9/10/2018 9:36 AM PDT


Young Thug‘s got a pair of handcuffs in his future — there’s a new warrant out for his arrest in Georgia … TMZ has learned.

The grand jury warrant was issued in DeKalb County after Thug was indicted on a slew of drug possession charges … according to our law enforcement sources. We broke the story, the grand jury rung him up last week on a total of 8 FELONIES!

YT was charged with possession and intent to distribute meth, hydrocodone and weed. He’s also charged with possession of amphetamine, Alprazolam, codeine (2 counts) and a firearm.

The felony charges stem from Young Thug’s arrest last September, when cops pulled him over for tinted windows … but ended up nailing him for marijuana possession. 

The rapper’s legal team’s gotta be racking up the billable hours — Thug was also arrested last month in L.A. for possession of a concealed weapon.

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